We will be accepting submissions from until August 1. Responses will be given on a rolling basis.  

We are accepting fiction and nonfiction up to 3,000 words, as well as poetry and art up to one page. We will accept multiple and simultaneous submissions. Excerpts and flash fiction are fine but must read as a stand-alone work.

All pieces should be typed in a standard, legible 12pt font (no comic sans!) with double-spacing and 1-inch margins all around.

Prose may be submitted in .pdf or .docx format, and art in .pdf or .jpg format.

Please include your name or pen name (no inappropriate ones, please!) at the end of the submission, and nowhere else on the piece.

All submissions must be somehow related to our mission statement.

Please read the guidelines thoroughly before submitting to High Noon via email at tuhighnoon@gmail.com.  Submissions that do not follow guidelines will be automatically rejected without being read.

Please send us your best work, whatever that may be! Set our hearts racing, surprise us, tell a good story. We look forward to reading your submissions.

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