It is midday. The sun is at its peak, the turning point, the transition of day. Two figures ascend a dusty hill. They take a stance across from each other as mirror images. Each puts a hand on their weapon—past versus present. Draw. Bang. Who emerges from the dust?

This is why we call ourselves High Noon. As young college students, many of our high noons involve coming-of-age stories. But a high noon can be any challenge that begets change—for better or for worse.

We want to look at moments in people’s lives that make their past selves confront their present and change who they become. These events could be a moment of personal growth, a crisis of identity, a major turning point. A high noon comes in many forms, happens at any time, and can occur more than once during a person’s life. When was your high noon? And how did it change you?

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