Danielle Kao

Danielle Kao is a Trinity alumni that graduated in 2018 with a degree in Computer Science and Art. Danielle currently resides in San Antonio as a software developer but her passions still take root in the arts.

In her body of work, Danielle depicts gore and decay overlayed on the human body. These images are presented in a passive and non hostile way in an attempt to find beauty and calmness in things we might otherwise find uncomfortable or frightening.

Gutts, a digital drawing, pulls influence from Lovecraftian and eldritch creatures. The figure has no defining traits that would assign a concrete gender or personality. It is intended to transcend the boundaries of what is comfortable to us.

Although gory and shocking initially, the figure does not display any hostility. Perhaps things that seem frightening might not be if given the chance. Perhaps the object that the figure caresses is a talisman against harm..

Posted in Art

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