Sarah Zbidi

He almost always hated birthdays, and like the
Bedouin elders, cried, prayed.

These days, you
almost always feel bad for turning a year older.

It is almost sinful, now
you should always know better.

You are not a child.
Poetry is almost always for the fool.

You are not a prophet.
Don’t convince yourself you could be.

You can bring no more truth into the world
beyond what has already been revealed to you.

May He almost always be glorified and exalted
through almost all of what you do.

May you never be glorified and exalted
Through almost all of who you become.

You almost always catch the clock at 10:23 PM.
October twenty-third is almost always his birthday.

Strangely, you almost never read 6:19 PM;
he has always enveloped your life.

Sarah is currently studying computer science and lives in San Antonio, Texas. This is her first publication.

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