Kate Nuelle

Screen Time

Kate Nuelle is a sophomore double majoring in art history and studio art. She splits her time between Austin and San Antonio. She is a student assistant for the Visual Resources Center and a photographer for the Mirage Yearbook. Kate is the President of the Trinity Art Collective. Her work has also been published in The Trinity Review.

Screen Time is a self-portrait that reflects Kate’s own exhaustion in the face of the unceasing stream of information and distraction that the internet provides. Much of her free time in middle school and high school was spent online but in recent years she has found herself re-examining the role of the web in her daily routine. Screen Time, like many of her other works, conveys the ways in which technology influences her daily life and how the digital world influences society more broadly.

Stylistically, Screen Time was inspired by the work of Michaël Borremans, a contemporary painter and filmmaker. Borremans’ works depict solitary figures, disengaged with the viewer and their environment. He often places figures in harshly-lit, indeterminate spaces that generate anxiety and uncertainty the viewer. In Screen Time, Kate wanted to replicate the ambiguity, isolation, and hollowness of his works.

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