Magdalen Nicole Cheatham

She spoke to me of the universe,
and I revealed that it scared me.
She marveled at how it continued to expand
and told me that was her favorite part.
She said the universe is making sure
that no one will ever know everything
because it never stay the same long enough
for a curious person to catch up.
I kissed her out of fear that she’d go on.
Her thoughts both terrified and intrigued me.
Her vessel is what attracted me,
but it was her mind that captured me.
She saw through me and returned my kiss
with a passion that overwhelmed me.
When she pulled away from me, she said,
“Did you feel the universe within me?”

Magdalen Nicole Cheatham is a Texas-based artist currently studying studio art and psychology at Trinity University. She will receive a Bachelor of Arts in May of 2019. She has conducted research in Dr. Kevin McIntyre’s Social Relationships Lab in the Psychology Department at Trinity University. In 2019, Magdalen was published in-conference for her research regarding self-expansion and basic psychological need fulfilment. She uses her personal romantic relationship of eight years alongside her psychology research as inspiration in her artistic practices. In 2018, Magdalen studied traditional Chinese porcelain wheel-throwing and hand-building in Jingdezhen, China, the porcelain capital of the world. In her spare time, Magdalen enjoys travelling around Texas to visit family and friends with her boyfriend, Michael, and their puppy, Sweet Lou, and she also dedicates her free time to work as a medical scribe for her mom’s geriatric nurse practitioner business, Synergy Geriatrics. Magdalen was a member of SPURS on-campus Greek organization for four years at Trinity University, and a member and officer for the Trinity Art Collective her senior year. After graduation, she plans to move to Fort Worth, Texas, and also intends to pursue a masters degree in architecture.

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