Oscar Alanis

My work explores the misperceptions of the American dream. Through my artwork, I talk about the entrapment of participating in the capitalistic society that caters to the rich and works the impoverished to the ground. I use metaphorical images to convey the desperation for materialistic things despite the obstacles to obtain them. My work speaks to the repetitive day-to-day reality of the working class by creating different scenarios to show the struggle.

Oscar Alanis is a Mexican American Artist who currently resides in Washington, DC; he was raised in Texas. His art explores not only who he is as a person but who he is to this society. American society has influenced him since he was a child, and when he moved to the United States it intrigued him how different American life truly was compared to how it was portrayed to foreigners. His art invites the viewer to dive deeper to take an intimate look into someone’s life to see the social constructs that immigrants like himself deal with on a daily basis.

Posted in Art

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