Kierstin Wilkins

Poetry Contest Honorable Mention

Doc, What’s Wrong?
Doc, my own dreams keep attacking me.
I wake up, stung, at least once a week. What’s causing my pain?

It seems an unhealed exit wound is to blame.
Do you know what that could be about?

An itch to pick the scab of her just won’t go away.
I hook my nail under the edge of our memories,
wanting to dig her influence out of my skin.
Pus oozes from old pictures.

Nostalgia bends the summer light around her face,
caressing our friendship’s carcass.
I can’t stop dreaming of knowing her again.
Longing wafts up from my subconscious. What do I do?

You have to let the wound mend.
Let her go.

Kierstin Wilkins is currently a sophomore at Rice University, majoring in English with a slight pre-law propensity. During the summer, she returns to San Antonio to visit her family and her three black labs. High Noon will be her first publication as an adult, but she was also published in her high school’s literary magazine, Ampersand. She works as a staff member on the Rice literary magazine, R2, and is an active member and leader of Rice Mock Trial. She enjoys listening to music and “chillaxing” in her free time.

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