Matthew Tavares

Walking the floor of my classroom

during a standardized test

I notice the graphic on the back

of a student’s black hoodie.

A man of bones

holds out a rose

on the edge of

the moon.


I stretch one arm

towards the sky, reaching

to catch the falling petals.

There is a clock

in my other hand.

I pace the pale tiled floor

of the school.

Air is sharp, cold against

The naked skin of my neck.

Piercing the silence, an explosion,

the sun opens, black.

The light ascending.

Matthew Tavares is a seventh grade English teacher in San Antonio, Texas. His work can be found in various journals such as Voices de la Luna, Sagebrush Review, and The Thing Itself. He holds a BA in English Creative Writing from the University of Texas San Antonio. He is currently pursuing an MFA from Our Lady of the Lake University.

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