Jared Claudio Tincher

Coming out to loved ones can be agonizing to prepare for. Regardless of how it will turn out, you have to seriously, honestly ask yourself, “How unconditional is this person’s love for me?” And you have to be prepared for the answer to be, “Not at all.”
So a lot of trans people find a workaround—letters, powerpoints, memes; anything at all to avoid having that conversation directly. One way is cake. If you’re reasonably sure your loved ones will accept you, you might bake a blue or pink (or other color) cake, put on white frosting, maybe some pink and blue decorations, and have the cake do the actual coming out for you. It’s a celebration!
For this particular cake, the frosting is borderline excessive, nearly two inches thick in the corners, and the sides are curlicued. It’s a cake that would take about two hours to decorate. The inside of this cake is dyed black and a hole has been punched over where the gender would be written. We can presume that the conversation did not go well.

Jared Tincher is a Classics student at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. He is a hobbyist baker with an interest in buttercream design especially.

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