Elyse Andrews

I am not a confrontational person, and these pieces were created around the time I needed to have some conversations I really did not want to have. This whole situation made me incredibly anxious, most of the year. At the same time, I had three banana plants growing in my apartment that were not doing well because the room had absolutely no sunlight. These plants were where I channeled a lot of my nervous energy, as I made a connection between how I was feeling and how the plant was feeling. When I bought a grow light for my plants they started to perk up and I realized that you often can’t change the environment that you’re in, but you can make adjustments to take care of yourself. As I looked for other ways to improve my plants’ unfortunate situation, I related it to my experience and started making some changes. I never really had any of the difficult conversations, and I regret this, but it led me to some important lessons that have made me a better person.

These pieces are self portraits of me and my plants rendered in charcoal on toned paper.

Elyse Andrews is a senior Art, Communication, and Spanish major from Austin, Texas. Her website is elysedraws.com.

Posted in Art

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