Kristina Reinis

This Is Where We Take Our Birth Control

Careful Around the Ankles

I’m Held Together with a Thin Thread of Green String

Jessie’s Sink

In Western culture, the home has been traditionally understood as a female-gendered space. However, while the domestic space is still one associated with traditions of femininity, over time it has adapted, fragmented, and transformed. Being at a transitional moment in my life, I feel similarly fragmented. Through this work, I use the domestic space as a vehicle to explore this personal discomfort through disjointed still lives made up of objects from my home. By engaging this gendered space, I explore the discomfort and pressures of adult womanhood and the traditional expectations that characterize it.

Each of these pieces are oil paintings on panel. The still lives are aesthetically cohesive with a feminine color palette, giving the feeling of wholeness and comfort. However, upon further observation, one begins to see that the still lives are made up of unconnected and disparate parts. Through the unexpected placements of objects, these objects are recontextualized, and therefore forge new connotations and implications. This recontextualization forms an uncomfortable and uncanny portrait of domesticity, with some objects even hinting at the grotesque. For example, the placement of cuticle clippers next to a cheese grater, a woman’s razor next to chopped salmon, or even a wrench placed next to a hair clip create uncomfortable and possibly violent associations. On the other hand, some objects neutralize each other like the placement of sweet potatoes next to birth control or a tampon next to ravioli. These disjointed but cohesive domestic still lives lend themselves to capture the complexities and contradictions that make up adult womanhood.

Kristina Reinis is from Austin, Texas and a senior Studio Art and English double major at Trinity University. After graduation, she intends to focus on developing her portfolio and career as a working artist and eventually go on to get an MFA in painting. As a current gallery assistant at Ruiz-Healy Art, she hopes to continue her work in either a museum or gallery setting in addition to pursuing her artistic career.

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