Samantha Ortiz

Poetry Contest Honorable Mention

It was the way he slouched in the doorway when he tried to smile and say hello,
I asked him what he wanted.
I wanted to know quick.
I needed to know now.
He paused.
The ring.
What ring? I asked. There is no ring.
You know about the ring.
He tore apart my room
ripping every poster from every wall.
Hats flew across my bed and I waited.


You took my ring and you know you did.
Laughter rose from my lungs but halted at my tongue.
The ring I use to be myself. You have it.
I was the master of hiding.



You took it and I swear if you don’t tell me I’ll-
You’ll do nothing.
It was gone forever.
Do you know how much pain you’re putting me in?
Oh, please. It just helps you fly.
How much do you really need to fly?

Samantha Ortiz is a graduate of Trinity University with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Creative Writing. She currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her partner and pets. This is her first publication.

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