By Gloria Bueno

May the aroma of the sage disinfect the negative energy––
you claim lingers and haunts your sacred space
Each circular sway is that in-itself a prayer to cleanse for the new
Moving out the unholy grime that made way in the crevices of your home.

How about manifesting a soul mate?
New Year’s: New Red dress––
Because the one you bought last year had a small tint of black removing the purity
of the color that promised to bring new love into place
Your heart still weighs heavy… heavy on your sleeves
It’s 1:00 am, January 1st, no passionate text or call
Mythical traditions are failing.
Or wait, is that just with me?

Clinging on to tarot cards
Invoking spirits to give a sign of change

But the fortune tellers just keep flipping pictures––
reminding me I’m broke and looking for love
So I tell them “here’s your $20, do a prayer for me.”
Stupidly I’m hoping they’ll give a different answer next week
Because I always come back, I’m a sucker for shopping for good luck.

Pray under a full moon they said––
Throw a penny in a mystic fountain, it will grant wishes the minute
the ripples brush against a penny’s copper
Or “light a candle” they said, “breathe your wish heavily against its flame
For it listens”––
“Just don’t blow it out! It must dwindle down on its own.”
“If not then try a rabbit’s foot, better yet keep an eye out for a wishing star.”
“Well… I’m vegetarian and I can never tell the difference between a falling star or a military

All options have been explored, every ritual, cultural myth I have danced
No colorful mineral stone has moved mountains, no wiccan chant has progressed any plans

The new chapter I await lies within the hands of time, but also true effort is what I had
lacked… it was what I was avoiding but investing into bullshit
It’s all a lie, it’s as simple as that.

Lazy hope and superstitions will not make changes fast
Keep your pennies
Save your breath
While you’re connecting with the deities and the stars, write your weekly to-do list
Your OWN kinetic energy will manifest those plans!

Now, let me get back to writing this submission as I read my Turkish coffee grains
You know just in case––
I get the lucky 777 which is said to be a sign of new beginnings and a sign change.

Gloria Bueno is a local latina and creative performer in San Antonio, Texas (10 years strong!). She enjoys supporting local artists and collaborating. She is heavily involved with the San Antonio Film scene and the official body paint organization/community of the United States, “Beyond The Canvas,” as lead Canvas.

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