By JJ Philips

Vintage Wear
A World of My Imagination

JJ Philips (Jeanine Johnson-Philips) pursued art from middle school through college, but after getting married and raising a family, art was put on the back burner. By the time her children were older, she toyed around with the idea of revisiting her artistic side, but being a full-time employee, there just didn’t seem to be enough time to commit to her art. In 2010, JJ’s mother suffered a major stroke, so JJ took some time from work to care for her mother. While caring for her mother, JJ found time to create. Shortly after her mother’s stroke, she lost a beloved aunt who was also an artist. These near-losses made JJ realize how fleeting life and time can be, so JJ decided to give her art her all.

She’s inspired by natural hair and fashion, but her style progressed over the years. Her designs have invoked a collaborative spirit that she shares with others. Her company j9sTyle&Co. has taken off with major collaborations that led to having her art placed on accessories, and the opportunity to illustrate a children’s book, Catharyn’s Garden. JJ believes you will find something in at least one of her pieces that you can relate to.

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