By Dylan Lopez

Against the foreign hour’s demands
I am here with you; a transient tied,
Truant of time.
A steward to the innumerable imagined, the generations
yet embarked.
Just as you feel the searing touch of the sun emblazed, so I felt.
Just as any of you have known the shimmering coastal reveries, so I have
The melodies sung symphonic—with buoyant delight.
Just as you reach your hands into the shallow pools pondering their fortunes, I reached yet
was pinched.
Just as you look on the treasure-laden leviathans come to harbor, their harlequin crates
enshrined, I looked.

I too journeyed across the former bridge,
That long-iron lattice, now overtaken—
Its wind-battered braces hurled into the bay,
Replaced by silk-thread suspensions, stained
with the sparkling brilliancies of ocean pearls.

These and all else were bliss to me, as they are to you,
staring across the violet horizon into teal-hued waters
from the bayside balconies.
I loved it well, the city and her motley crowds
We greeted each other with cool tenderness,
a soft-swaying love, caressed by the gentle tide.

There is nothing between us then,
No love undone by the separation of grey years

Whatever time plots, it cannot prevail over us
I too lived here, in the shadow of the washed harbor.
I too drove across the shore of Corpus, baptized in the waters around it.
I too prayed in the mission house, christened by the crystalline skyline.
I too felt the abrupt changes, the widening gyre of my age—
In my solitary hold, among the lush seagrass and wild oxeyes
I came into being, breaking through the surface threshold
I came to know myself, reclaimed from the savage storms
I found myself on the vestal shore, delivered by the gulf sands,

Dylan Lopez is a Corpus Christi native, and current English student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Introduced to creative writing by his high school mentor, Dylan has been featured in Joseph Wilson’s Open All Night, the Island Waves student newspaper, and published in Corpus Christi Writers 2019 by Mays Publishing. Dylan has twice been selected as a featured local poet for The People’s Poetry Festival, and currently serves as the Assistant Managing Editor for The Windward Review literary journal of South Texas.

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