By Mauro de la Tierra

36 x 48 in. (acrylic, spray paint, oil on canvas, human blood)

A color palette and subject matter inspired by my Mexican heritage.
A guide sits ready to lead us to our next lives.
Our decomposing bodies bloom into flowers.
A symbol of nature’s cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Mauro de la Tierra is a full time artist from the East Side of San Antonio, TX. He was barely scraping by while working in the restaurant industry when he decided he’d rather struggle while pursuing his passion. He became a full time artist on October 7th, 2017. He looks back on this decision as irrational and risky, but he’s blessed to be surrounded by a beautiful and supportive community. His work is focused on the beauty of the macabre and the deterioration of our Earth in a modern style of rough, whimsy, abstract expressionism. He started out curating DIY pop-up gallery events that featured artists from all backgrounds who also deal with challenging and controversial subjects. These small events organically flourished into what is now known as The Black Sheep Collective.

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