By Margaret Rozga

Yesterday’s sky greyed. Then
when we looked up from lunch, rain,
the lake’s brusque blue dimpling.

We allowed ourselves a lull, sipped coffee.
Seagulls circled beyond the walls of windows.
Later in the brief sun we walked, found

on a park bench a scattering of leaflets,
drenched, ink-smeared, dark, still readable:
What does it take to be saved?

In the storm that night, light split
the sky. Distant thunder rolled,
then split itself directly overhead.

Dawn cleared the air.
An unseen owl who-whoooed
the wet and greening earth.

Wisconsin Poet Laureate Dr. Margaret Rozga creates poetry from her ongoing concern for social justice issues. She is the author of four books including Pestiferous Questions: A Life in Poems (Lit Fest Press 2017), written with the help of a creative writer’s fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society. A professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee – Waukesha campus, she lives near Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.

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