High Noon is a little magazine dedicated to providing a platform for regional authors and creators, focusing on the moments that define our lives and who we are. We aim to build a community for writers, artists, and students of the literary world through educational outreach and the celebration of local voices. 

The Spring 2020 Issue will focus on new beginnings.

Our new theme was born from our team’s own new beginning as we transitioned from an experiential learning class to a student organization. We had to ask ourselves if we want to continue seeking and publishing voices despite losing our class. You and your impact, as a contributor and/or as a reader, is definitely worth it. Ultimately, we decided to move towards this theme because a central part of our identity is dependent on provoking change and embracing new beginnings!

New Beginnings may mean moving to a new country, or into a new mindset. Perhaps finding a new person in your life, or a new pet. A promise for better or for worse, or to be kinder to yourself and continue waking up in the morning. Sharing a part of your identity with others may bring a new beginning. Whether prematurely exposed or long-overdue, a new beginning doesn’t always begin when the sun peeks over the horizon in the morning. A new beginning may flourish as noon rolls around, or it may seize you in the dead of the night and demand change. We encourage you to explore and reflect on this theme with us, and we hope you’ll share your new endeavors with High Noon.