High Noon is a little magazine dedicated to providing a platform for regional authors and creators, focusing on the moments that define our lives and who we are. We aim to build a community for writers, artists, and students of the literary world through educational outreach and the celebration of local voices. 

The Fall 2019 Issue will focus on difficult conversations.

Our new theme was born from our team’s own difficult conversations regarding the limitations and realities of creating a literary journal. We had to ask ourselves why we believe in the relevance of literary journals. Ultimately, we decided to move towards this theme because we concluded that the relevance of a magazine is dependent on its ability to provoke interesting conversations. That is what we are looking for!

Difficult conversations don’t necessarily have to be sad. Difficult conversations spark change, effect a turning point, bring about a high noon, if you will. Climate change is a difficult conversation, trying to get your dog to stop barking at the mailman is a difficult conversation, discussing your father’s mental illness with your tired mother is a difficult conversation, even telling the barista at Starbucks that they have forgotten about your drink order can be a difficult conversation for some (read: for some of us). Sometimes, the change, the turn, the noon, occurs not within the conversation you have, but because you were able to have the conversation at all. Here’s to difficult conversations, and the ways in which we are different because of them. Try using these stories to find deeper truths, and interpret the theme as you wish.